Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Toothless Wonder

Alayna lost her third tooth yesterday, the first one she's lost on the top. This tooth was hanging on for dear life and REALLY didn't want to leave the safe haven of her mouth. I'm not kidding. It was loose for a good 3 months or more before Alayna finally pulled it out yesterday morning while at school. I was surprised when she came home and bursted through the door, exclaiming "I pulled out my tooth!" See, just yesterday morning I had looked at it and said, "You know, it would take just the tiniest twist for that tooth to come out." And Alayna promptly snapped her mouth shut and said "Don't touch it!"


Anonymous said...

Alayna, you are a beautiful young lady, with, or without your teeth! Just keep on smiling Girlfriend!!

I love you!

"Ganna Papa"!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Love the pic!! She looks so beautiful. That is so great about the first top tooth. Hooray Alayna!

LeeAnne said...

Hooray for Alayna! That's a great B&W shot, by the way.

Carol said...

Yeah I was going to say, even without teeth, she's gorgeous! Great shot!