Monday, June 30, 2008

Need some summer?

Come and enjoy ours! We've been spending a lot of time in the backyard these past few weeks. The sun has been shining and the temps have been in the low to mid 80s. It's a great start to summer!

Flowers from our yard!

I know this is a post about summer and they're reading a Christmas book. But it was just too cute!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta

It Friday Foto Finish Fiesta time again over at Candid Carrie's blog. Click on the link to check out lots of other great pics!

You all have no idea how hard it's been to hang on to these pictures for a whole week. Seriously, it almost killed me. I took these last Friday afternoon after Mikayla came to me, saying "peeeese" and holding out the glasses. How could I say no to that? So I put the glasses on her cute little face and proceeded to wet myself. She was totally hamming it up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun!

This past weekend was the town summer fest and the girls had so much fun! There was a lot to do, but on Friday night the girls spent a good amount of time in the bounce house. I mean seriously, a bounce house that looked like a castle?! What more could little girls ask for? So our three girls, plus our good friend Ra-Ra, jumped around in the Princess Bounce. This was Mikayla's first time and she LOVED it!

I know, no pictures of the big girls. But they were having too much fun jumping and it was too hard to get pictures of them (Mikayla could barely walk, so she was an easy target!) This is what happened when I tried to get a pic of Lilly jumping.

And here's a video from the fireworks. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of Mikayla's face, it was priceless. But you can hear her reaction on the video and that was the point. It wasn't her first time seeing fireworks, but it was her first time when she could actually vocalize and somewhat understand. The other voices are our friends and their kids, plus my darling husband asking what I was trying to take a picture of. Hellooo!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Foto Fiesta

A girl after my own heart!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love horses. They are so beautiful, graceful, kind, loving and wonderful. Plus, they are a blast to ride. I don't know how many days in my life that I've spent on the back of a horse...probably adds up to years (especially the early teen summers when I'd ride for 4-7 hrs each day, every day) Of course, now I don't get to ride as often because I can't just go out to the pasture and take off. No. I have to make sure that Andy or someone is watching the kids, that I have the time, that no one is expecting anything from me. Blah blah blah Anywho...Mikayla is taking after me and her older sisters. She loves to go for a good ride! (join Carrie for her Friday Foto Fiesta)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's in a name?

This coming weekend is our hometown's summer fest. There are fireworks, carnival rides, softball, volleyball and basketball tournaments, events in the park, fundraising dinners, a all know how it goes. But the thing that is most memorable about the summer fest is how everyone comes into town. You see friends (and non friends) that you haven't seen in years. Some you haven't seen since high school. Some you only see once a the summer fest. Others you see a few times a year, but can always count on seeing them this weekend, too.

So last night I was thinking about the upcoming weekend and my mind drifted to those people we would be seeing. I wonder if So-and-So will be there? I haven't seen Blank in years, wonder if she's married by now? The questions go on and on. Then I started to think about high school, which made me think of our group of friends.

Andy and I are high school sweethearts, as many of you know. We had quite the group of friends and being the goofy group we were (and still are), the guys had nicknames for EVERYONE. And they weren't normal nicknames like Bud and Shorty. No, they were names like Frigate, Heeed, Craven, Dual (which morphed into that from Duo--like the Incredibly Gay Duo from SNL. And no, he's not gay) Skunt, Tit, Ra-ul. We often still call these friends by their nicknames. I can only imagine how it sounds when we all greet one another, throwing those names around like a Bob or Steve or Angie.

Then I got to thinking about nicknames Andy and I have for each other or for the girls. Take Alayna, for example. We shorten her name to Layna or Layner, but we also call her Fred. Lilly is known as Lill, Fredlet or Henry, and Mikayla is Mickey or Ralph. Andy has called me Hebrew for years, and neither one of us know how that started. I call him honey, meatball, butt-munch, babe...take your pick, depending on his mood and actions.

So what nicknames do you have for friends or family members? I know we can't be the only ones, right?! Please tell me we aren't!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Love

Mikayla has a little baby that she loves to carry around with her. It's a Precious Moments doll that says the Bedtime Prayer when you squeeze it's belly. Well, Mikayla can't quite squeeze the belly herself, so we need to do it for her. She's so darn cute with her expressions and mannerisms, so I just had to get it on video. Everyone say it together..."Ohhhhhhhh!" (make sure you say it Just. Like. Mikayla.)

A Perfectly Imperfect Father's Day!

Yeah, I know Father's Day was yesterday. We made our obligatory calls and well-wishes to our dads and Grampa's to let them know how special they are to us. Unfortunately for the girls, their Daddy was working yesterday. They were bummed that Andy wasn't home for Father's Day, but they were more bummed simply because he wasn't home. See, he'd worked all weekend so they hadn't seen him since bedtime Friday night. That gets to be a long weekend for 3 Daddy-loving little girls (and a REALLY long weekend for their Mom)

Anyway, the girls had elaborate, surprise plans for when Daddy came home late yesterday afternoon. We were going to take him fishing. Nope-a storm blew through. We were going to take him to see Kung Foo Panda. Nope-he didn't make it in time. We were going to grill hamburgers, his favorite. Nope-see above about the storm blowing things around. So the girls decided we'd order in his favorite pizza and play some games after he read their cards (he accidentally saw his present Thursday night). He loved the day and only wished he could have been home for the whole time. Now, if you want to see something beautiful, look below. Like The Nester says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

Alayna's card she made for Daddy-the picture is the two of them together

Lilly's card-she did it all by herself with the exception of me telling her what letters. The pictures are of Daddy riding horse and the birds who have a nest on our porch. :-)

And Lilly's picture she colored for him. She was supposed to draw something that DW is balancing on. So when Andy said, "What is DW balancing on?" Lilly looked at him funny and said, "Um, her toes!"

We love you Daddy, Dad L, Dad J and Grampa L! We hope you all had great Father's Days!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Can I get your number?

This is flippin' hilarious and I had to watch it 3 times today just to get myself into a good mood. The girls were at it again...ENJOY!

One more thing

Since I haven't been around here, I also haven't been reading my normal blogs. I just read the Lawrenson blog and things aren't sounding too good at the moment. Little Gwyneth is doing well and growing like a champ. She's back on a little bit of oxygen while at home, but that's only because her body is growing more quickly than her lungs. In time, this should all fix itself.

Tricia has been diagnosed with mono and while that's not anything too serious, they found something else that is. She is showing signs of a growth on her lungs that could be signaling a form of post-transplant cancer. She is having a surgical biopsy done today to determine if it is indeed cancer. Again, I'm not relaying all the details or even close to it. If you want more info, please go to their blog at And again, if you get a chance, please say a prayer for Tricia, Gwyneth and Nate.

It's about darn time!

I know, I know, it's been awhile. But the dog ate my homework. Wait, that's not right. Really, my excuse is the same it's been for the last 2 weeks. I'm still battling that stupid sinus infection/bronchitis combo. I am feeling better, and I barely cough now, but I'm battling the side effects. You know...the messy house, the bare cupboards and fridge, the neglected children and husband. Plus I have developed this side and/or rib pain that is incredibly painful to touch, think about, lay on, twist, cough, etc. I'm told it's just one of those things that happens when you were coughing like I was for as long as I was. Personally, I think I'm going down. I'd better get that will written up pretty quick because I think the end is near. Hopefully I'm just seeing the end of all this eyesight isn't all that great, after all.

So what's been going on? Well, Alayna's been enjoying her first week of no school. Me, not so much. It's great to have her home and spend more time with her. But seriously, when the girls are together 24/7, the honeymoon doesn't last too long. They'll be playing together so nicely and then within an instant they are hitting, kicking, screaming, crying. Then an instant later they are laughing hysterically and the cycle starts over again. It's great. You should be here.

We have had parties, meetings, store runs, storms, softball games and who knows what else in the last week, too. And there's more to come this weekend. Plus Andy just informed me that he's working tomorrow, too. Yay for the checkbook, not so much for my sanity. We have 3 things going on tomorrow...Vacation Bible School, a graduation party and Dairy Night for the 4H (June is Dairy Month people, go eat some cheese and ice cream and wash it down with some milk! That's my plan.) Of course, this is all going to happen between--what else--spotty thunderstorms! I love me a good storm, but enough is enough already.

But I can make it through. I'm tough, I can handle it. And it helps that I have some mixers and drinks in the fridge. And chocolate. And ice cream in the freezer. It's a good thing my energy is back up and I can resume my walking. I think I'll need it!

**I posted a bunch of pics below!

Friday Foto Fiesta

As most of you know, we've been getting rain, rain and then a little more rain here in Wisconsin. Sure, we need the moisture but this is enough already. We had a little bit of sun the other day (read about 3 hours in the afternoon) so we went to the backyard to soak up all we could. The girls were all being a little wild, as one would imagine after being cooped up inside for who knows how many days. Anyway, I decided it was camera time. So here you go, all gussied up for Carrie's Friday Foto Fiesta.

Someone does NOT want to sit still...

I love this picture! Mikayla was running and had to check her stride to not run into the cat who was also running...LOL

Friday, June 6, 2008

Is it Sunday yet?

The girls always get grossed out when Andy and I kiss in front of them. Now we're not making out or anything, but they still give loud protests to a quick peck on the cheek or a good-bye kiss on the lips.

A few minutes ago I was teasing them that I was going to into the living room and kiss Daddy. As we sat on the floor talking, I saw Lilly's head peak around the corner. So I quickly grabbed Andy and pretended to kiss him. That resulted in squeals of disgust and Lilly racing into the room.

Lilly: Mommy, you can't kiss Daddy

Mommy: Why not?

L: Because you have to wait.

M: Until when?

Daddy: Yeah, when can Mommy kiss me?

L: Ummmmm, not til you get married.

M: Honey, we're already married.

L: Oh, that's right.

M: So, when can I kiss Daddy?

L: (thoughtful pause) How about Sunday?

I didn't promise her that, but agreed that Sunday sounded good. Why no promises? Because they are staying at Gramma's house tomorrow night while Grampa's gone. You know what that means...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Baby Girl

My baby girl is out of school for the summer. That's right folks, Alayna is no longer a first-grader. She finished up the school year yesterday with a mix of emotions. She was excited for the start of summer and staying home with me and the other kids. She can't wait for warmer weather and trips to the park, playing in the water, riding horse and bike and power-wheels until she goes crazy. But this is Alayna I'm talking about. She also is sad that she no longer has to go to school. She'll miss her teacher. She's worried she'll get bored without any lessons and classes. She wants to make sure we will do activities to keep up her reading and math and social studies skills (which are already above her grade level, anyway) Yup, she's my girl. And I'll keep her busy with fun and intellectual things. Don't you all worry about that.

Oh, and I finally went in to the doctor. That thing I had last week and still have? It's a sinus infection and bronchitis. I'm cool. So I'm on my first course of antibiotics that I can remember since I was 13, and I think that was my first course of antibiotics ever! I get to pop a huge horse pill and take an inhaler. So far I'm not feeling any better, but they said 2-3 days. It's day 2.5.......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wanna ride?

We spent most of the day on Saturday working outside. We mowed the lawn, weed-whipped, picked up some brush, Andy worked in the garage, the girls played outside...It was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying the Great Outdoors. When we got the lawn all done, Andy had the brilliant idea to mow trails through our woods for the girls and their power-wheels. We have a section of woods that we never use. The rest of the land is either yard or pasture for the horses and calves, but this part never gets used. Well, we ended that.

We made several trails for the girls that wind through the woods, criss-crossing eachother and coming out into several different areas of the yard. When they got up from their afternoon rests they were SO excited! We haven't been able to keep them off the trails since. The power-wheels are getting a good workout, but they've also just walked the trails and sometimes have done a combination of both (usually walking to get one of us after getting one of the vehicles stuck on a tree due to inattentive driving) Now I don't want people to assume all they do is ride their power-wheels. They have bikes that get just as much use and provide a "work-out" too. Trust me, these girls don't lack in physical activity.

Monday, June 2, 2008

More Pictures

I've been taking lots of pictures lately, so I've had a lot to share. Instead of doing several posts, I'm going to do like last time and just do a bunch of pics in one post...

Sunny's best friend is our cat Jelly Bean. It's actually quite comical b/c wherever Sunny goes, Jelly Bean is just a few steps behind her. Apparently they don't know they aren't supposed to get along.
My crab-apple tree in the backyard. Every spring it's so bright and beautiful.
Mikayla trying to drink from my cup without using her hands
The dandelion and cottonwood tree fluff is insane right now. It actually looks like snow where it all gathers in the horse and calf pastures.
Lilly's lion! I thought she did a really good job!
We put the training wheels back on Alayna's old bike. This was Lilly's first attempt and she did great!

3 Little Pigs

Alayna had a class play on Friday morning. Her class put on a production of The 3 Little Pigs and guess who got to be the Big Bad Wolf? Yup, Miss Alayna herself. So Mikayla, Lilly and I ventured into the school to watch the play. It was pretty cute. Of course, as soon as Mikayla saw Alayna she wanted her, so we had a tense moment when Mikayla realized she couldn't have her. But as soon as the play was done, Alayna came over to give us all a hug and Mikayla was happy to have her "Nay-nay."
Here she is knocking on the house made of brick