Thursday, January 27, 2011


Alayna came home from school on Tuesday so excited that she was jumping out of her skin.  She could barely take off her snow boots, hat, mittens and coat fast enough to tell me what she was so excited about.

"MOM!!  We had the 4th grade spelling bee today and not only am I my class champion, but I'm the champion of the whole 4th grade!!!!"  She was a little excited, but so were we.  Last year, she was 2nd and so bummed, because she knew how to spell the last word correctly, just got ahead of herself and there's no going back to correct.  This year, she made sure to take her time.  I was so proud of her that she remembered to think it through, especially since I didn't even know it was time for the spelling bee (she kinda forgot to bring the study sheet home over the weekend)  She doesn't get to go on to competition at district until next year, in 5th grade, but it's still awesome.

I remember when I was in the spelling bee.  It was down to myself and my friend Sarah.  I got the word "diarrhea" and missed the second R.  She got the word "pneumonia" and spelled it correctly, so she won.  I was so frustrated because I knew her word.  But you know what?  I don't think I've ever misspelled either of those words ever again!

Great job, Alayna!  We're so proud of you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl Baby!!

As you know, I am a HUGE Packers fan.  I love football in general, but the Packers have always been my favorite team.  We all have our shirts and hats and Mikayla even has a pair of Packer socks.  And now, they're going to the Super Bowl!!

My favorite player ever for the Packers was Gilbert Brown.  He was a big beast of a guy who would pretend to be a "Gravedigger" when he'd make an important tackle or sacked the QB.  He's been retired for several years now, but he still does appearances for the team.  I had my jersey Brown jersey on, cheering for the team, when BJ Raji intercepted the ball and then ran it back for a touchdown.  He did a little dance afterwards and let me tell you...he moved up a little closer to Gilbert in my heart.  I love the big guys when it comes to football and Raji's little dance reminded me of Gilbert so much!

So what will you be doing on Feb 6th?  I'll be cheering on MY PACKERS in the SUPER BOWL!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basketball--Part 2

Saturday was the start of Alayna's second round of basketball for the year.  Earlier, she played in "tournaments" with 3 games and 30 minutes of play but no score or fouls called.  It was simply to get them some experience and confidence with playing and handling the ball.  This past Saturday, however, was the start of real play--called fouls, scores, etc.  All the girls were so excited!

The tournament was about 45 minutes away, so we were there bright and early for a 10 am game.  Their first game ended up with a loss 14-18 (if I remember correctly), their second game was a win 20-4 (I think) and their last game was a loss 14-18 again.  All in all, it was a good showing for their first time!  They ended up third, and everyone got a ribbon.  They were pretty excited.  We now have basketball again for the next several Saturdays, but it's okay.  We like to watch and cheer the team on, and Alayna loves to play.  She's really doing a great job and has improved greatly!

Yesterday, a handful of the girls from the 4th and 5th grade teams went to a basketball clinic at a University about 2 hrs away.  They were able to do drills and stations with the coaches and players for the women's basketball team, plus got a signed t-shirt and poster.  Alayna came home so tired but with all sorts of stories of things she did and learned.  Yay for basketball!

Swim Lessons

Today is Day #2 of swimming lessons for Mikayla and Lilly.  They both are so excited and can't wait.  Since we live in the middle of nowhere, there weren't any lessons within 30 miles that were held in the winter.  After some talk (for several years) there are now finally lessons available at the area motel!  Every Monday the girls go for the next 7 weeks.  I am just as excited as they are.

I'll be sure to get some pics tonight (I missed last week--their first lesson--because of a migraine.  It killed me to not be there!)  I guess Lilly did awesome last week, and Mikayla did very long as she stayed in the pool.  She apparently would do what was asked, then run to make sure my mom (who took them b/c Andy was working) saw everything she did.  We're going to work on that tonight.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Alayna is now in the Double-Digit age club. It's crazy to think that Andy and I have been parents for 10 years now! I remember taking her home from the hospital and being so worried about everything. I remember just watching her sleep and not wanting to put her down. I remember how everything she did just enchanted us. She taught us how to be parents and I think she did a pretty good job.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mikayla!

Mikayla celebrated her fourth birthday last week. It's so strange to say that she's now 4. When they are still 3, it's easy to pretend that they are still a baby or at the very least, a toddler. But at 4, they seem so much older. There's a certain "aura" about 4 that means the 4-year-old is now big and mature and old.
Mikayla could hardly wait for Christmas because she knew her birthday was right after it. Every day she'd ask, "Is it my birfday yet?!" When it finally was, the first thing she said in the morning was, "Good morning Mommy, aren't you going to say Happy Birfday Mikayla?" She makes us laugh so hard every day!
Happy Birthday, big 4-year-old Mikayla!