Friday, November 30, 2007

She's Back!

I haven't written about it on here yet, but I was going to do a post today lamenting what we thought was the loss of our cat. Grumpy has been with us for seven years, since she was a kitten and I was pregnant with Alayna. Her name is due to an accident she had the day we took her in...She was licking a cat food can clean and a gust of wind blew a piece of plywood over, landing on her little body. She was fine, but her lower lip was cut and separated from her gums, making her constantly look crabby and pouty. So, we took her in and her name became Grumpy.

Throughout the years, we have had many changes when it comes to Grumpy. She was born a barn cat, really, then we took her in. She was indoors for three years, then went outside for a year before we moved to our current house. She became an indoor cat again, but started having issues with heat cycles, staying off of counters, and using her litter box instead of the sandy crawl space. So, out she went again. Grumpy has since had 2 litters of kittens, so 4 of those cats are still hanging around. But, if you ask me, they are just pets. Grumpy is still a member of our family.

So why do I say "she's back!"? Because Andy and I both noticed a few days ago that we hadn't seen Grumpy for a few days. We also noticed that a few days earlier, we had both seen a pair of bald eagles in the trees near our home. So I watched for her everyday, called her name when she didn't show for dinner, worried over my cat's disappearance. I had just told my good friend today that I think it's time we admit that something must have happened to her, and she wasn't coming back. Then, I went outside to help out my daycare mom and there was Grumpy! She ran to me, meowing and wanting to be held. She's skinny and has some sores on her sides, but she's alive and she's back. I'm so happy and I can't wait for the girls to see her (Lilly was napping and Alayna is at school) And so that you can all fully rejoice with us, here's a pic of Grumpy that I took last spring. She's such a cuddle bug and really a good cat. People always comment on how interesting her coloring is (and if anyone wants a cat that looks just like her, she has a baby that's her twin!)

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha! I remember seeing a picture of her before and that alone just cracks me up! What a face. You have just got to laugh. I'm glad she's back home and safe!