Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First time in the snow this season

Our snow last Friday stuck around longer than we had anticipated. It was still there Friday after Alayna got home from school, so she and Lilly were able to play in it. Some had melted, but there was enough that they still had fun. It actually stuck around until late morning on Saturday. Here are some pics and funny videos...I apologize on the pics and the fact that they aren't closer. I was taking them from the back door, and I wasn't about to step into the snow barefoot.

Sunny thought that Alayna was going to throw a snowball for her, but in reality she was starting her snowman
This is Lilly making a snow angel...
Eating the snow...
Alayna's snowman, which didn't get very big because when you get off the bus at 4:10 and it gets dark at 4:45, you don't have much time!
And these videos are so funny. The girls would go down the slides and go sailing across the ground. Seriously, these videos don't do it justice because the first few times they would go much further on their feet. By the time I got the camera going, they had worn down some of the snow at the ends of the slide.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

These are fantastic! I can't believe you already have snow! I love that Alyna made a little snow man even with what little she had to work with. Its so cute, espcecially her proud face.