Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Pics

I'm very ashamed to admit that I didn't get that many pictures of actual Trick-or-Treating. It was just so much work to get everyone out of the car, up to the door, use their manners, back in the car, buckled up, and on to our next destination... x 15. But, I got a lot of pictures at the Halloween party last weekend. Anyway, here are some from Wednesday night that I shot while still at home.


Carol said...

I LOVE Lilly's hair...that is SO funny. She's so great to let you put that on her--I put wigs on my kids but they won't keep them on....I don't know, maybe girls are more willing to wear those things than boys anyway.

Cute girls as always!

encmommy2 said...

Adorable!! They all look so great! We didn't get many pics of the kids actually trick or treating either, don't feel bad!