Thursday, January 3, 2008

The latest stats are in...

Mikayla and Alayna had their yearly physicals today and it was an interesting ordeal, we shall say. For one, when I had called to make the appts I was told that there were no appts available with our doctor at the clinic location closest to us until Feb. 9. So, I took the main location and got appts scheduled for today at 3:00. This morning, I got a phone call from the clinic, telling us that our doctor had a patient in labor and was wondering if we could reschedule or move our appt to the main location, which is attached to the hospital. When I informed them that I was already planning on the appt there, they sighed in exasperation and said that there had been a few mistakes in the past few days. OKay, fine. I was just very glad that the woman went into labor or else I would have driven 35 miles to find that our doctor was only 12 miles from home (remember you city dwellers, I live in the boonies).

We get to the clinic and get called into a room right away (I'm assuming most people cancelled instead of changing to the main clinic) which was great. As the nurse is asking questions about Mikayla, I asked her what age the charts were. She was working off of a 6-mo chart because since the woman didn't go into labor until after 7:00 am, our original charts were sent to the other clinic. So, the nurse went to get the correct forms (someone else had prepared them for her) while the doctor came in to examine the girls. That all went well. Then it was time for the shots. Ugh. Mikayla doesn't like to be held still, and she hated having her legs held. She was crying from that before she even got her 4 shots. Yes, 4. Then she no more than got calmed down and it was time for another needle poke-a finger prick to test her hemoglobin and lead levels. Needless to say, by the time we left the clinic poor Mikayla was hiccuping and sobbing between sucking her thumb and humming to herself while clinging to Mommy.

When we got home, I pulled out the sheets to tell Andy the girls' stats, and apparently the nurse had wrote them down wrong. Either that, or Mikayla has shrunk 7.5". So, we re-measured her here at home and got our own height.

Alayna: 52 lbs and 50" (she was excited that it meant she only has 10" to beat Gramma Lynn!"

Mikayla: 18.5 lbs and 28.5"

I don't have the official percentiles since the nurse didn't have their charts, but according to a growth chart I found on-line, Alayna is 40% for wt and 80% for ht; Mikayla is 10% for wt and about 40% for ht. Who knows. But, the doc was not concerned about either one of them and thought they both looked, sounded and seemed just perfect.

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