Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Green...who me?!

Not exactly. But I have decided that there are certainly things that I can do to go a little bit more "green". I don't know if I've bought into all of the hype yet, but I know that there are some tried and true things that I can do to help lessen the impact that myself and my family leave on this beautiful world of ours.

For one, we are out of light bulbs. When Andy and I go shopping this weekend, I have every intention of buying high efficiency light bulbs. I've also been trying to be more energy conscious by simply turning off the lights when not needed, doing 2 or 3 things at once that will all use the same appliance, etc. I've also stopped buying paper towels. I mean seriously, we have 436 kitchen towels that just sit in the drawer, why can't we use those over and over and over again? Nothing too spectacular, but I figure every little bit helps, right? If in the end, all I've done is help save one tree or one little monkey, that will be alright with me too.

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