Monday, January 21, 2008

It was a good ride, boys!

Well, my Green Bay Packers are no longer in the hunt for the Super Bowl. Last night's game sealed our fate and the NY Giants are going to meet the Patriots in Arizona. As much as I was hoping it was going to be the Pack heading to Arizona, it just wasn't meant to be. In last night's game, there were plenty of chances for both teams to wrap it up. Penalties, incomplete passes, turnovers and missed field goals all added up to a tie at the end of regulation. Unfortunately, Favre threw an interception in OT that set up the game-winning field goal for NY.

I was disappointed, but what can you do? They had a great season and went much farther than all but 3 other teams. It was certainly farther than most people expected at the beginning of the season. There was talk that the team was too young, Favre was too old, etc. But they did a fantastic job of working together as a team and proving all those nay-sayers wrong. They pulled it off and almost made it to the big game. There is no shame in that. Now the big question is...will Favre be back?


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO NY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun ride while it lasted! Certainly much more that most anyone expected! Always next year!


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Oh its so exciting when 'your' team is still in it. Sorry that things didn't go even farther but I'm glad they made it this long. Maybe next year, but you know I'm still going to pull for the Seahawks to beat them. ;)

Amanda said...

Nope, that other comment wasn't me, but this one is........Great job Giants!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WAS ME!!! :-) and I'll say it again

(Amanda I would high five you if you were down here in The Chisago Lakes area!!!!)

Candy said...

Karla, you evil woman, you! ;-) I won't say it but...farther than the VIKES! HA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh thats right you don't have a hockey team!!! :-)(gotta love those fights)and don't hear much about your basket ball team either.

This year a new season! (insert snap here) So Watch OUT for the PURPLE & WHITE!

Candy said...

Hehehe, love ya Karla! Actually, you know I don't follow basketball and we do really like the Wild. Pretty much the only WI team we follow is the Pack...and the Brewers, but not too intently.

Anonymous said...

Right back at ya babe!!