Monday, October 1, 2007

My leg HURTS!

If someone tells you that a pony can't kick that hard...DON'T believe it!! I got nailed by little Matilda on Saturday for some unknown reason and let me tell you, it was just as hard as when I've gotten kicked by full-grown, full-sized horses.

Matilda was fine with Cookie and I following her the entire time through the trails, but when we got into a clearing she decided that it was no longer okay. Or whatever. But for some reason, without warning, little Matilda hauled off and kicked at Cookie, hitting me in the shin. I heard a crack and thought she'd broken my leg-no kidding. But then my toes all moved, my leg went numb and I felt fine. Yeah, not that easy. I checked out my leg and there was a hole in it. Apparently Miss Matilda had a rock or something stuck in her back hoof because I ended up with a deep puncture wound in my shin. And let me tell you, it hurts. Bad. But I'm tough. I can handle it. I'm a mom, I can't afford to be laid up or in too much pain.


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Ugh!! I had something like that last year with my knee running really hard into the side of the stroller..stupid me and the screw made a puncture wound in the middle. It was awful, I limped along but when I got a look...OUCH!! It was sore for days so I can't even begin to imagine the strength of a horse behind it!! My Mom grew up with horses and told us stories of how much it just hurt to get your toes stepped on. Ugh!! I hope you don't have any running to do in the next couple weeks and that it heals quick! No fun at all!!

Anonymous said...

Jayme's horses weren't very nice to us on that ride were they? I'm all black and blue and you've got a puncture wound. Still wondering why Sweet Pea was going backwards....guess i'll never know