Friday, October 5, 2007

Lilly's Birthday Present

We let Lilly get her present a little early this year. Does anyone notice anything different?

She's been wanting earrings like Mommy and Alayna for quite some time, so we thought her birthday was the perfect time. She picked out the "really pink" ones (which happened to be the October stones) and sat so bravely. Then they did the first ear and she cried. She was not too happy. So for the next ear she sat on Mommy's lap and sat so still, but she still cried. That is until it was over with and she looked in the mirror. The tears immediately stopped and she proclaimed "I'm so pretty!" That, along with a sucker, was all it took to make the pain go away. Now, she's has beautiful earrings "like a big girl."


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

She Looks just beautiful! Happy Birthday Lilly!

heatherforcey said...

Such pretty ears! I love how pretty jewelry and a lollipop can diminish a woman's pain!