Monday, October 8, 2007

And the stats are...

Lilly: 39" (90%) 32.5 lbs (50%) and her head is 19.5" (75%)

Mikayla: 28" (60%) 17.5 lbs (25%) and her head is 17.5" (60%)

Lilly is keeping right with her big sister, and Daddy for that matter, as far as very tall and skinny. I figured that's about where she would be because she's consistently growing in sizes at the same age as Alayna. She just turned three yesterday, but most of her clothes right now are 4T.

Mikayla, on the other hand, is built more like Mommy. I'm average height and weight and Mikayla is there on the height, but behind on the weight. But our doctor wasn't concerned about her weight being so low since she's always been a little low on that front.

But besides the stats, both girls are ahead of where they should as far as physical abilities. They were quite surprised that Lilly can, and does, dress herself completely without help on most days. They were also surprised that she could stand on one foot, jump with both feet together, do somersaults, talk so well, etc. As for Mikayla, they were impressed with her strength when it comes to pulling up, standing, kicking. They also liked that she waved at them, babbled, said Hi and Dada repeatedly, clapped and did "So big!" So all in all, everyone had great appointments and they both look like they are developing wonderfully! The best part? NO shots for either one of them! YEAH!!!

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