Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Sunday, at 2-clock!"

That's Lilly's response whenever anyone asks her about her birthday:

"Do you have a birthday coming up?"

"Sunday, at 2-clock!"

"Who's birthday is this weekend?"

"ME! Sunday, at 2-clock!"

Apparently she's well aware that her birthday party is this Sunday, at 2 o'clock. We've been preparing her for her birthday, which is actually Sunday, by telling her that she's going to be three, we'll have a party, etc. She is so excited! She can't wait for the cake and the candles and the people and to say that she's "This many!" and proudly hold up 3 fingers. When you ask her how many that is, she says, "Count 'em!" Yes, she's still stubborn in her old age.

Yesterday Auntie Amanda was over and asked Lilly what she wanted for her birthday. She proceeded to tell Amanda all the movies that she already had, showing each and everyone to her. We assumed that was so she would get her a movie that wasn't a duplicate? One will never know.

This morning Lilly was ecstatic to find 3 toy cars in the toy room that she had never seen before. I'm thinking they must have been buried under something for her to have never seen them. She quickly climbs the stairs, cars in tow, and proceeds to play with them for 20 mins. I asked her if she wanted some cars for her birthday.

"I don't have enough cars. Yup, I can get some new....wait! I be-member I have a couple cars." And she runs to get her stackable trucks from Discovery Toys. I laugh because that's totally Lilly, always on the go and never one to want 500 of one thing. So then I asked again what she wanted for her birthday. This time she had a list ready..."Some moooovies...and books and games. How 'bout some puzzles? And a few cars. And some baaaaarbies and new clothes-pretty ones-and that's it." OKay, got it.


Carol said...

Cutie! Happy Birthday to Lilly! I didn't remember that she & Christopher were both born on the 7th (of course I knew they were close, being Opals...Christopher was born 10 minutes after midnight on the 7th...he was SO close to having a birthday on the 6th!) If you ask Christopher though, he would say one could never have too many cars....not in so many words, of course. : )

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Hahaha! I love it!! We have hundreds. Yes, I seriously think hundreds of cars and its NOT ENOUGH. I think Christopher would be very happy here, but Lilly could have a blast too. ;) I love that she says the time of her birthday, that is so sweet.

Candy said...

She was actually born at 5:35 pm but since her party is at 2:00, she thinks that's when her actual birthday is. Ha! Like Blue's Clues is on a 9:30...Anyway, she'll come play cars with the boys anytime!