Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tagged by Carol...

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. junior year in HS
2. dating Andy
3. working at the Super Valu grocery store
4. driving the Corsicrap...I mean Corsica
5. Riding horse all day, every day in the summer

Five things on my "to do list" today:

1. Call the insurance company
2. Work on my Christmas cards and get them ordered
3. Wash laundry
4. Load dishwasher
5. Pay some bills

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. give each child a fund with enough money to live comfortably, but not be spoiled
2. buy some land and build my dream home
3. travel, travel, travel!
4. give some money to my parents, grandparents and in-laws
5. invest the rest

Five things I will never wear again:

1. shoulder pads
2. teased bangs
3. high top sneakers
4. hyper-color shirts
5. my shirt knotted at the waist/hip

My 5 favorite Toys:

1. my computer
2. cd player
3. cell phone
4. digital camera
5. my kids!

Five people to tag:

1. Brandi
2. Kandace
3. Amanda
4. Kate
5. ummmm, Carol?! ha!

If you see your name on here (and even if you don't...if you want to play too, go ahead), repost it to your blog or myspace page and fill in the blanks. (I promise I won't be offended if you don't do it...)


encmommy2 said...

Thanks, that was fun! :)

Carol said...

LOL, speaking of knotted shirts...the cheerleading team that meets at the same time Anthony's gymnastics class, all the girls pull their T-shirts back & use a ponytail-holder/elastic/whatever you call it to "knot" their shirt on their backside. It makes me laugh when I see them.

So if you re-tag me, do I have to do it all over again??? J/K : )

I could keep adding to the things I'll never wear again: pegged jeans & addition to all the things you listed too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot.....leave your poor sister out of your millions.....brat! lol