Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I probably have the only 3-yr-old who...

Is helping me throw her toys away!

Let me explain where we started with all of this. Lilly has been on this huge kick that she wants anything she sees on tv commercials. The hair bedazzler thing, she wants it. The Rose Petal Cottage, she wants it. The Barbie Island Princess thing, she wants it. It needs to stop, but I know it won't. Those advertising demons are just starting to ramp up the commercials in preparation for the holidays. I can hardly wait. Anyway, I finally had enough of it and today told Lilly that if she got her latest "I want it!" proclamation, I would throw all her other toys away. I started to gather up her toys, waiting for her to yell for me to stop. But no, she proceeded to point out toys that I was missing in my attempt to make a point! I was putting them all in a big pile, saying I was going to throw them all away so she could have that one toy. Even her favorite toys that she can't part with are now in the pile. When I asked her what she would play with when she doesn't have any more toys, she said "That new doll house!" Boy, will we be in trouble with this little girl when she gets older. Yikes. I thought she wasn't totally grasping my ideas and thought process, but she completely did.

BUT, there is a silver lining to all of this. Tonight may be a great night to put some toys into a garage sale or donation box and clean out the over abundance. It is getting ridiculous and this may be what we need to kick us in the pants and sort through it all. One can only hope, right?


Carol said...

Aaron has done that to me too!!! Only the circumstances were a little different. He simply didn't want to clean up, so I pulled out a trash bag & started throwing things in. I asked, "Don't you want your toys?" and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "No, I don't need them." KIDS!
We have all kinds of stories about Aaron with cleaning up...he has never wanted to clean up--no kid ever wants to, I know, but you can usually entice kids to do something but no amount of bribery can get him to lift a finger. One time my BIL was trying to get the boys to clean up and he asked Aaron why he wasn't helping, and Aaron said, "My mind is telling me NOT to clean up." And Anthony's response was so funny: "Aaron! Don't listen to your mind!!!" LOL!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha! What a riot. Jack always tells me he's too tired! He comes up will all matter of excuses despite my enticements. Even when we clean out toys they only ever want to get rid of things that aren't theirs. I would take her trade off and run with it...at least a little!