Sunday, September 30, 2007


We let Alayna play hookey on Friday. No, she didn't wake up with a tummy bug or a sore throat or a headache. It was our idea. Bad parents, right? But no, we were actually being good parents in letting her skip school. See, Andy and I both got Friday off unexpectedly. Andy's job site was going to be slow for the day, so most people took the day off. My only daycare kid of the day was going to spend the day with his grandparents. It took us all of a minute or two to decide that we were going to take Friday as an unplanned family day since those types of things never happen.

So we all got to sleep in on Friday morning and then ate real breakfast that didn't come out of the cereal aisle. We went on a leaf walk and the girls picked so many beautiful leaves in all the bright, fall colors. After lunch we went shopping for some of those things that you just need, ya know? But the great thing was that since it was early afternoon on a weekday, the lines were short, the parking lots were empty and the time limit was endless. We had no schedule at all. It was a perfect family day of doing nothing, but doing lots.

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