Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mikayla's New Trick

Step 1: Suck on shirt for awhile and then pull shirt up....
Step 2: Pull arm out and show Mommy how proud you are of yourself!
Mikayla is the youngest of our girls to figure out the strip-down thing. She hasn't gotten the whole shirt off yet, but with her determination I don't think it will take too long. Should be interesting, coming into a Wisconsin winter and all.


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha, those are so funny! Hey, that is a good point.. WINTER!! Hehe, do you think when we move to somewhere that actually has a cold winter the stripping down will stop. That would nice! I have the naked house. ;)

Candy said...

It may help! I know your boys like to run around w/ nothing on, so you'll have to take pics of them in just their undies watching the snow fly! LOL