Thursday, September 6, 2007

Clothes, Clothes, and More Clothes

I'm beginning to think that my girls all have WAAAAAY too many clothes. But they are girls, after all, and everyone knows that a girl needs an outfit for every possible occasion, right? Right. But this is getting ridiculous.

A few weeks ago I went through everything in Alayna's closet and dresser, making her try on things that were iffy in size, storing away the things that didn't fit, organizing the closet and dresser drawers. She was the easy one. Or so I thought. Then we went camping this weekend and Shannon gave me a HUGE bag of clothes from Brianna and Bailey. Everything was so stinkin' cute, in great shape and, of course, will fit Alayna perfectly for this fall and winter. So now where am I supposed to put all of these clothes (and why didn't I get these before going school shopping? LOL) We folded and sorted and hung and stuffed, and finally everything fit. Alayna was set to start school.

Then I realized that while Alayna was done and ready for the upcoming seasons, Lilly and Mikayla were not. I set last night as my night to tackle the mountain, and thankfully my sister-in-law Alicia volunteered her assistance. I don't think she realized that task at hand when I gratefully accepted her offer, in exchange for a homemade meal of beef stroganoff and cheesy broccoli. When we finished dinner and we climbed the stairs to the bedrooms, I swear I heard the death march song going off in my head. You know what one I'm talking about. I believe Alicia's exact reaction when she saw the huge totes and baskets of clothes that didn't have a tote to call a home, was "Holy $%@#" Yup, it was that bad. It took us 2.5 hrs, but we finally got too little clothes out of the dressers and closet, next sizes in their vacant places, and the totes all organized by size. Oh, and there's 2 laundry baskets full of clothes that I need to buy a tote for. And I'm not talking the ave sized tote. Oh, no. Between all 3 girls we have 6 totes that are each probably 4' long, 2' deep and 2' wide. These suckers are huge. And we need another one.

But alas, my girls are ready for fall and winter. They have the appropriate clothing in the appropriate places, just waiting for the cool temps to come. And the closet floors are stacked with neatly organized totes, just waiting for another temp or size change. And my checkbook is just waiting for the day that I can start selling all of those clothes on a garage sale. I'm telling you, I'll be an instant millionaire.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

And they are just gettin bigger sooo...more clothes. YOu know what really kills me is after three of the same gender...the new things for Max are barely worn and it kills me to get rid of them, but who has room to store stuff just because. Ugh! Glad its done for at least a few months. ;)