Friday, September 7, 2007

Confessions for the Mommy Files

  • I sometimes let my girls eat cold cereal for supper when I don't feel like cooking, or don't have anything in the house to cook.
  • I have been known to watch kid movies without them home, like Shrek.
  • After saying that, I just sang the entire Shrek Karaoke party (end of movie 1) to my girls. And I knew every word.
  • We tend to follow the 3-second rule in our house when it comes to food and the floors.
  • My room is usually semi-messy, but I expect my girls to keep their rooms decently clean.
  • I am one of those moms that just licks off the baby's nuk when it's dropped on the ground or the floor before giving it back.
  • I often tell my kids that toys I don't like are broken, even if we've just taken out the batteries.
  • I will not allow my girls to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, Boh-Bahs or Teletubbies because they are very creepy shows. I also don't let them watch Maisy because it drives me insane. My kids love all 4 shows.
  • I have "not smelled" a really stinky diaper right before handing the baby off to Andy, then fained innocence when he asked if I knew.
  • I don't vacuum my floors as often as I should, many times finding huge hairs in Mikayla's hands (between me and the 2 older girls, we have a LOT of hair. Andy & Mikayla, not so much...)
  • I often tell my girls when they get owwies that I should just cut off their injured leg/arm/ear.
  • If they don't let me clean those owwies, I tell them that said leg/arm/ear might fall off.
  • I have used "bribery" and it has worked quite successfully, though I don't make a habit out of it.
  • I am a very sarcastic person and I don't hide that from my children.

Well, I feel much better now. Whoever said confession is good for your soul was soooo right. Now, I'm going to go beat my children....just kidding. Gee, take a peak at my last bullet point. I'm not going to actually beat them, just knock their heads together a little bit. That's good for the soul, too. ;-)

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

These are sooo funny! The hair comment is great. We have too much hair from the dog but I'm lucky that I'm the only one with LONG hair. The joy of boys! Oh and the Boo Bahs are super creepy.