Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Welcome to the world, Brett!

We have a new member in our extended family and we couldn't be happier! Andy's cousin Chris and his wife, Beth, welcomed Brett William into the world yesterday afternoon. Poor Beth was so uncomfortable that little Brett couldn't have come soon enough. Thankfully, everything went well and both mom and baby are doing fine.

And yes, he's really a boy. Why do I say that? Because people in our "circle" just don't have boys. Seriously. There are 6 or 7 of us girls that always hang out together to scrapbook, have girls' nights, go holiday shopping, etc. In our group, 4 of us have a total of 8 girls, no boys. So the big joke when Beth was told she was having a boy this time (after 2 girls) was that no one would believe her until we saw that...ahem..."part" that made him a boy. And I still have a hard time believing it. But I'll get to see for myself tonight when we go visit. And those of you who know me know that I'll check, too. I can't wait.

So Congratulations Chris, Beth, Kaitlin & Karli on the addition of little Brett to your family! I can't wait to meet him. And I REALLY can't wait to see how he holds his own at our parties in a few years with 8 older girls to play with.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha! That kid is going to be in Heaven. Congrats on finally getting that boy in the family. ;)