Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where does the time go?

So today is the last day of July. That doesn't seem right, because I swear just yesterday we were getting ready to go camping for Memorial weekend. I've always heard that time goes faster the older you get, and it must be true. But to me, the time isn't just flying. It's going Mach 500.

It's just not fair that Mikayla is now 7 months old. It's not fair that Lilly is almost 3. And it's not fair that my "baby," my oldest little girl, is soon going to be starting First Grade. Where does the time go? Why does it seem like one 1/2 second blink really covers about 3-4 days? It's just not fair.

But like I always tell my girls, especially Alayna, life isn't fair. There is no master sheet out there, keeping track of what everyone does or doesn't get, or get to do, or get to see. If there was, I'd rally for slower time and more time to just enjoy my girls and my family. They are all at such wonderful stages of life and we're always on our toes. I'm sad to think that in what seems like a few days' time, they'll all be gone, living in their own homes and raising their own children. Okay, so maybe it won't go that quickly, but it seems like it will. And then what will I do with myself?

I've decided that while I can't stop time, or even slow it down, I can enjoy it. So I'm making a promise to myself and my family that I will take more time to just be and enjoy. And take lots of pictures. Then I can look back at the pictures and remember the smiles and the laughter and the joy. I'll be able to do that, too, because I'll have taken the time to cherish it all while it was happening. Because before I know it, if I don't take the time now, it'll be too late. And I don't want that to happen.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Sob!!! Don't say such things. I worry that tomorrow I'll wake up and be my grandmother and talk about the good ol'days of TODAY and spend my days wishing for the caous I have now. Its days like that.. even the rough moments don't seem so bad.