Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhh, a nice dinner conversation

We were eating lunch on Friday afternoon and this was the conversation between Alayna and Lilly, completely disregarding and ignoring me. I sat there, thinking that I must secretly have little boys and that this conversation couldn't really be going on in real life...

L: I just farted.

A: I didn't hear you.

L: I farted.

A: If it doesn't make noise, then it's a toot. If it makes noise, then it's a fart. That's what my friends from school said.

A few moments pass, in which we hear a rumbling noise coming from Lilly's chair.

L: Now I farted.


Kandace said...

It's pretty cute when you think about it. I never knew the difference between the 2, ya learn something new everyday:)

Anonymous said...

Uncle Brian would be so proud!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Hahaha, I always laugh and say we have boys but in truth I wondered what my excuse would be if/when we had girls that said these things. Hahaha, That is so funny!