Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Today is July 4th. This day is a day that all Americans should cherish. Because of this day, and the millions of soldiers that work daily toward it's cause, we have the freedom we all love so much. We can say what we want, do what we want (w/in reasonable limits, of course) study what we want--pretty much do as our hearts desire. And that's all because of our founding fathers and their desire for a country full of freedom and pride, and the soldiers that protect those freedoms.

My friend Lesley wrote about supporting the troops and she said it so well that I'll repeat her sentiments. Even if you don't support the cause, support the troops. The men and women who have fought, or do fight, for our country signed on to do so for the main cause-keeping America and it's citizens safe. Regardless of your stand on the situations going on, please support the troops.

Becca M, Reed L, Sean D, Wade H, Chandra C, Walter D, Matt D, Allie S, and any and every other soldier that I am missing--Thank you for protecting our country, our rights, and our lives.

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