Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Today is Andy's birthday. For those of you keeping track, that means that my birthday is before his. Yup, I'm a cradle-robber. I take every opportunity to remind him that I'm older than he is, even if only by 18 days.

Those 18 days don't usually mean much of anything at all, but it did on 2 different occasions. The first was when we turned 16. I was able to get an apt. for my driver's license the day after my birthday and I got it on my first try. So that meant that I had my license and drove Andy's butt around for about 3 weeks. It almost killed him. I haven't driven us around since. The second time was when we were planning our wedding. I jokingly lobbied for a wedding between my birthday and his, our 21st. But what did it matter? See, in WI you can drink while underage if you are married to someone who's over 21. I told him that he'd be able to drink because I'd be his legal guardian. He didn't quite agree and we settled on Sept.

Now today we've had two Lilly-isms, as we'll call them, when it came to Daddy. First, she watched me shave Andy's head last night. This morning, she was playing with my hair and she goes, "Mommy, did you shave off Daddy's head last night?" When I told her that I had shaved his hair off, she goes, "Hmmm, I fink I like it like that. What a good girl, Mommy!" Then this afternoon when Daddy got home, he jokingly told her that he thought the card she colored for him was horrible. Lilly's response? "Thanks, Daddy!"

Well, I'm off to finish up our b-day supper for Andy. I made my "world famous" (as Alayna calls them) homemade chicken pot-pies and cheesecake. Yummy.


Kandace said...

Ha! Happy Cirthday Andy! I'm 40 days older than Bob and we tease each other about it all the time:)

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Happy Birthday to Andy! That is so funny its 18 days...well I'm going to be like Kandace and point out I'm a cradle robber too. ;) Sean is 9 months younger than me. I joke he was made especially for me. Oh and we did get married in between in those 3 months we would be the same age. Too funny since we were all married in 2002. Oh and his dinner sounded Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my very favorite son-in-law in the whole wide world!

Mom Larson