Friday, July 13, 2007

The Green-Eyed Monster strikes

The Green-Eyed Monster has struck our house. Yep, jealousy. You may think that it's something that Lilly wants to do but isn't old enough, or Alayna wants something her friends have. Nope, it's Mikayla.

She has always been a pretty equal opportunity child. She loves Mommy and she loves Daddy. She doesn't seem to favor one of us over the other. But, when Daddy comes home from work, he'd better say hello to her right away. If she hears his voice and doesn't see him, she'll cry until he comes to talk to her. No kidding.

So yesterday we were laying outside on a blanket and Alayna and Lilly were playing on the swingset. Andy came home and laid down next to us, talking to Mikayla. Alayna came to give him a hug and laid her head on his chest, hugging him. Mikayla started to cry and get upset, so Alayna lifted her head to tell her it was okay. Mikayla instantly stopped crying. Alayna laid her head back down on Daddy, and Mikayla cried again. Andy and I exchanged a curious look, and I told Alayna to pick up her head again but not say anything to Mikayla. Sure enough, Mikayla stopped crying. We tried it again 2 more times, and each time she cried when Alayna snuggled with Daddy and stopped when she sat up. Alayna went to play again, so I put Mikayla on Andy's chest and she just snuggled right up and quickly fell asleep. Apparently, no one else is allowed to snuggle with Daddy if Mikayla is tired.


Kandace said...

Oh that is so cute!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

That is so adorable!! I can't believe she's claiming her spot so early and of course its gotta be with Dad. What a riot. She is just so precious.