Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Fun

During the summer, we spend a LOT of time at the ballpark. Andy plays softball on a weekly league with some friends, every Wednesday night from Memorial to Labor Day. We also have church league, which is weekly on either Thursday or Friday nights. Throw in the occasional tournament, and it all adds up. But we enjoy it and it's part of summer, a part that I've always been familiar with. As a matter of fact, I grew up going to games all the time, watching my dad play, just like my girls do now. Actually, my dad still plays, and he's old. (gotta get the jibes in at any chance, LOL) In the pic above, that's Andy up to bat and my dad coaching First.

During the games, we have some great opportunities. For one, since the Wed. night league is all friends, us wives get to catch up while the husbands play. The kids all get to play together, too, and they look forward to each game. It also just lets us out of the house and our own yard. Sure, we have to bring almost the entire house with us to each game, but that's okay, too. Sometimes, I can even get caught up on some reading (like I did this weekend during the co-ed tournament...It was HP, come on!)

So to our family, summer means softball. It's just one of those things like humidity and heat and bugs...once softball starts you know it's summer. I hope that my girls look back on all these games and summers as a good memory, because as of right now, they sure seem to enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Love those legs on your husband!! woo hoo what a hoot.
Shannon and Bob