Friday, July 20, 2007

Mixed Up

The other day I had some odd spurt of energy and decided to organize and rearrange Lilly and Mikayla's room. There room wasn't dirty or messy, just a bit unorganized. After all, when a 2yo and a 6mo share a room, they have not only dressers, but totes of clothes that are too big or too small. So, I went to work and got the closet done. That just wasn't enough, so I moved Lilly's bed, then both dressers, then the book shelf. When I was done, I was impressed with myself. I had gotten a lot accomplished unintentionally, and the room looked bigger the new way. Lilly loved it. Mikayla could care less.

When we saw my mom last night at a softball game, Lilly told her about it...

L: Bamma, Mommy mixed up my room.

G: She did? What did she do?

L: She moved my bed and my dresser and Mikayla's dresser and my bookshelf and my toys...

G: She moved your bed? Where is it?

L: At my house.
Here is a pic of their room, for the most part. And yes, that's camoflauge crib sheets. I promised Andy that no matter if Mikayla was a boy or girl, we could finally get the camo crib set.


Kandace said...

Candy - I love it! And I can't get the song 'mixed up' by John Mayer out of my head.

Is that camo bedding in the crib?

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Love the room! Its a good thing camo could be for a girl too. Can you imagine if I told Sean we had to use pink either way?!! Hahaha!! Definatley the camo works. ;)