Monday, August 6, 2007

Am I psychic?

I was checking my friends' blogs this morning and realized something. I hadn't posted on here in few days. So, I came to check things out and I SWEAR that I posted just a few days ago. Then I thought about it, and it was indeed almost a week ago. Now, if you read my last post, you'll see that it's about time going too quickly. Uh, yeah. This past week has simply gotten away from me and I have no good excuse except that it all went too fast! So, here's a run-down on our last week.

We had another 4H meeting on Thursday night, which probably helped to throw things off because it wasn't our normal meeting time. Alayna got the papers she needs to fill out, detailing her year in 4H and what all we did. I can't believe that she's been in the club for almost a year now!

Friday night and Saturday Andy's team was involved in a softball tournament here in town. It was a great weekend! The team didn't do so great, but the temps were below scorching for the first time in weeks! It didn't even make it into the 80s for 2 days in a row! WOW! For those of you who know me, you know that I HATE hot weather and live for the fall and associated temps, smells, sights, etc. But that's for another post...After softball, we went to some friends' house to play cards and have a good time. It was fun, even if the kids weren't cooperating and our 7 girls (between 3 couples) kept needing something or wanting something or telling on someone. You'd think we were parents of small children of something. Sheesh.

Yesterday Andy and I did something that makes the time go even faster-We went on a "date" and did some school shopping. The girls stayed with his mom and we ran to the stores to get glue, folders, crayons, pencils and all the other odds-and-ends that a girl heading into First Grade needs. Now that that's out of the way, I think school will be starting tomorrow. That's not right and it's not fair.

So as you see, we haven't done much of anything, but a lot of nothing for the past 6 days. It just takes so much to stay on top of things, especially when you add in an extra daycare kid or two, the normal house chores, etc. The time just gets away from you. So I wonder, after my last post, am I considered psychic now? Or is it just a case of speaking and living the truth?

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Anonymous said...

Of course, you forgot Wednesday's game, Thursday's church league game, all the fun of the upcoming benefit too! So, no, you aren't psychic - you're just a MOM!