Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Playing Catch

This is a definite case in point for this blog-I almost forgot to write down a cute story about Lilly. So, even though it's a few days old, here goes...

There was a church softball game on Thursday night and we were there to cheer on Daddy, Grampa and the rest of the team. About halfway through the game, Lilly decided that she wanted to play catch. So, she grabbed the 2 child-sized gloves that a friend had brought and walked over to Pastor.

"Wanna pay catch wif me, Pasto?" she asked, holding out the glove.

Of course, he couldn't turn her down, so Pastor put the glove on his fingertips and knelt down to be closer to Lilly's height. Lilly, in turn, knelt down like Pastor. They proceeded to play catch for the next 2 innings.

It was awful cute and I was pretty sad that I didn't have my camera with. It would have made a great photo for the monthly church newsletter, not to mention a fabulous addition to this particular blog post. But, I remembered to post it here, thus getting it down in the family history books, so to speak. I knew this would come in handy some day!

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Kandace said...

I love the blog for this very reason. Those moments can get away from us so fast, can't they? That is a very sweet thing that 'Pasto' did:)