Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Little All-Stars

The Harlem Ambassadors, a professional show basketball team, was in a nearby town this past week.  We had won tickets to attend, and Alayna won a ticket at school, so off we went for a night of basketball and laughs.  Since Alayna won a ticket at school for answering some questions correctly, she was also able to sit on the bench with the players and be in on their huddles.  She thought that was really neat!

Between the first and second quarters, the team pulled the students sitting with them on the bench onto the court for a game of musical chairs.  They needed another child to complete the game, so they walked right over to Lilly, who was minding her business and dancing to the music, and asked her if she'd like to play!  So off she marched with Crystal, one of the players, onto the court for a game of musical chairs.  And guess what?  Lilly won.  She beat out Alayna, who came in fourth...

...and 6 other kids to win an autographed photo of Lade Majic, the team's coach and player.  She was so excited! 

Mikayla, on the other hand, was quite upset that both of her sister's were on the court and she wasn't.  It's so hard being the baby.

If the Harlem Ambassadors are in your area, I'd highly recommend going to watch the show.  They are family friendly, funny and talented with their basketball skills.  The girls had a blast, as did I, and the entire crowd was laughing through the whole game (which was played against local police officers, firefighters, business people, etc)

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Heather Forcey said...

It is hard being the baby! That is so cool that Alayna got to sit with the team and Lilly won the musical chairs! What a fun night!