Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?!

I hope you all read that title correctly, singing it in the style of Hank Williams Jr. and the old Monday Night Football jingle. My answer to the question? Oh, Yeah! I LOVE football and always have. I was even a football cheerleader in High School. I don't care who's playing, I'll watch any game that's on tv. Now I'm not obsessed and watch all games, but if I have nothing going on, I'll watch any game. There's not much better than a cool Sunday spent on the couch watching football, wrapped in blankets and eating potato soup. Yummmm

Most of you know that I love the Green Bay Packers. I seriously think that my parents passed that on to me, because my dad honest-to-goodness still wears Packer Zubas on Sunday and probably bleeds green and gold. Yep, he's cool. I have a jersey for Gilbert Brown, my old favorite player who has since retired. However, the only time I ever came close to filling out that jersey was when I was 9 months pg, but that's a whole other story. The girls all have Packer shirts and love to watch football, too. When Lilly sees the pics on my computer screen of our time at the Packer game, she says, "Look Mommy! The Go-Packers!"

While I love to watch the Pack play, there is something almost as good. That's watching the Vikings lose. I really don't like the Vikes, our biggest rival, but part of it is just to rub my sister the wrong way. (Love ya, Nan!) It's our friendly battle within the family.

So don't be surprised if I throw football into the mix over the next 5 months. I have been anxiously waiting for the season to start since last February and the time is almost near. Only a little over a week until the official start of the 2007 NFL Season. I can't wait!

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