Tuesday, August 7, 2007

From the mouth of babes

In our house, with the combination of personalities we have, it's never quiet and we never go long between laughs. I thought I'd share some random things that have made us laugh over the past few days...

First off, Lilly was supposed to be cleaning up the toys in the living room. Being the sneaky mom that I am, I peered around the corner to check up on her and watched her play for a good 15-20 seconds. I thought that was adequate time to gauge if she was indeed picking up or just playing. So I asked in a very loud voice, purposely scaring her (I'm terrible, I know) "Lilly, what are you doing?" Without missing a beat she responds, "Well, I'm not playing!"

Lilly also loves to run around in just her panties. Yesterday, she decided that she wasn't going to put on her underwear after her bath because she wanted to run around with her "stinky butt hangin all out." Hmmm.

Alayna has loved it now that Mikayla is older, because that means that she can hold her without help. I often find Mikayla resting in Alayna's lap, or the two of them playing on the floor together. I think Alayna finally learned why Andy and I are always telling her to be careful while holding her right after Mikayla eats. She was bouncing Mikayla on her lap this morning and before I could even say it, I heard, "MOM! She just puked ALL OVER ME!" Lesson learned?

And last, but not least, Mikayla has discovered the joys of a microphone. I was up making dinner when I heard this loudly magnified squeal, followed by a giggle, then another squeal. I knew it was Mikayla, but I couldn't figure out how she was so loud. When I looked into the living room, she was playing with the girls' radio/microphone. Apparently Lilly had left it on from her singing concert earlier and Mikayla was intrigued. She sure had fun playing with the microphone and her voice. I only wish I'd gotten it on video, too!

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