Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to each and every one of you! I hope you are all enjoying a fun, happy, healthy, safe and FREE July 4th. And when you get a chance, please be sure to thank a current or former member of our armed forces, whether in person or just a voice raised up on their behalf. It's because of them that we remain free, after all that was done so many, many years ago to obtain that freedom.

I took this picture last year at my sister's. She rents on a lake in town and the fireworks are shot off just a few houses down from her. But this year, we won't be there. Nope, as you are reading this (thanks to options that allow me to set the post time) I'm camping and having the time of my life (hopefully!) Be safe and Happy Indepedence Day!


Anonymous said...

Great parade photo of the girls waving their flags! Love this picture. Di

LeeAnne said...

That is a seriously great fireworks photo!