Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Update

This week's version of the weekend update comes to you from snowy Wisconsin. That's right, it's the last day of March and by the end of today, we should have 6-8" of fresh, new, heavy snow. Ugh, will it NEVER end?! We wanted snow all winter and didn't get it, but now that we want spring the snow won't stop. Funny, cruel tricks. LOL

So this weekend was a little bit of a mixed bag. Alayna had a birthday party for a friend on Friday night and had a lot of fun. However, she was also dealing with a mysterious rash that showed up Friday morning and lasted until yesterday. No idea what it was from or why it was there, but with some hydro-cortisone cream and benadryl, we were at least able to keep her comfortable.

Saturday was a Mommy day! I went to meet some friends of mine from college for lunch. We all hadn't seen each other in almost 2 years, and each of them are expecting their first child. We spent 3 hrs at Applebee's catching up and talking about the past, present and future. They are both having boys, how fun! Then I met up with another friend and my sister for a quick run to the mall and an exchange of maternity clothes-yes, this other friend is pregnant, too! We had fun, but it was a bit crazy at the mall and we didn't accomplish much of anything. Oh well. After that I headed home and decided to swing through another town to see about the hours at the tattoo and piercing parlor where I've gotten my tattoos. They didn't have a wait for piercings, so I finally got my nose pierced! Some of you reading this know that I've always wanted to get just a small stud-no hoops or huge studs for me. So I did my nose and headed home with their hours for future reference (Andy and I each want to get a tattoo in honor of the girls) When I got home, my in-laws were here to play cards.

Sunday morning we were able to sleep in a bit because our church had a joint service with our sister church. We had a light breakfast before heading to church for the contemporary service. It's always a lot of fun and just something different to have the band instead of organ accompaniment. After church was a delicious brunch we have yearly-egg bakes, Swedish pancakes, Swedish meatballs, potato sausage, fruit compote, coffee breads, etc. It's so good and a big fundraiser for our church. Note to self: remember to pick up my glassware next Sunday after church!

After church we hung out at home and watched Enchanted with the girls. I don't know if Andy will appreciate me sharing this, but it was just too cute! At the end of the movie, Giselle does a spin in what looks like a basic sun-dress. When she spun, it twirled out like a dancing dress. Anyway, Andy--being the father of little girls--comments "Did you girls see her spin?" It was just too cute. Here he is, 6'3" and 200 lbs of almost solid muscle; big, tough carpenter and he's noticing how the character's dress twirls when she spins. He really is the Daddy of 3 little girls and if I'm being honest, it made me laugh a little and go "awwwww."

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LeeAnne said...

I don't know how you stand it up there, so cold and snowy and all. ;) It was 78 degrees here today, and while that's above normal for this time of year, it's definitely time for us to be warming up. And by warm I mean temps consistently above 65! Come on, spring!!