Friday, March 7, 2008

Enough with Winter!

I apologize to all of you who will read this mini-rant of mine. Seriously, no one needs to read it, I just need to get it out.


This winter has been one that I will readily pack away into the "Forget about it for the most part" files. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the snow. I was so excited when December started out with plenty of snowfall and a promising outlook for the rest of the winter. Then came the rest of the winter more snow. Our last significant snowfall (meaning more than 3") fell the day after Christmas. Yup, 2.5 months ago. We've been told numerous times that we were supposed to get lots of snow, only to have those storms head further south and pound southern WI.

So what have we been getting if we haven't been getting snow? Cold. Bone-chilling, Arctic cold. We have been below zero more times that I can count this winter, including right now as I write this. It is 8am on March 7th and we currently sit at -6, and that's actual air temp, without the windchill. Our average high for today, as the meteorologist so kindly (or not) pointed out, is 35. Hmmm, notice a bit of a difference? As a gauge for just how cold it's been, our lowest temps that we've actually seen on our thermometer this winter--meaning in the very early morning hours before we woke up it was probably a bit colder--was -18 actual air temp. And we've lived in this house for 4 winters now and never had to fill our propane tank more than once a year (it fuels only the furnace). Usually we fill it in Nov or Dec and it lasts us all winter until the next Nov or Dec. This year, we filled it in early Dec like normal and we're already down to 18%. That's ridiculous, as we normally have at least 25% sitting in our tank all summer long. And no, the house hasn't been kept any warmer than normal.

But probably the most annoying thing of all this winter has been the sickness. Our family is usually pretty healthy and we'll each only get one cold a season. This year we've been struck with multiple flu's, several colds, and a few cases of the "don't know how to classify it"s. Grrrrr. And it seems that's the case all over, though. No matter who I talk to, whether they are in Oregon or Colorado or California or Tennessee, everyone has been sick. I even have two people close to me-a friend and my mother-in-law-who each started out with Strep throat and had it turn to pneumonia. My friend was even hospitalized because her infection when into her bloodstream and she was very ill for quite some time. Thankfully my MIL hasn't had to be hospitalized...yet. So when you get a chance, say a prayer for them, okay?

Anyway, this is my official decree that I am DONE with winter. It can warm up and be pleasant outside, please. I need some sun, I need some warmth, I need some healthy friends and family. I just need something other than this blasted winter.


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Amen. Cold wihout snow...I just don't see the point. I will pass along the memo!

Carol said...

And what's that I've been hearing about...was it global WARMING they said? What a laugh.

I wish I could mail you some of our sunny warmth (though we're back in clouds today...) from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Here! Here! I'll sign the petition!