Friday, August 7, 2009

Pronoun Proclamation

When one of my daycare moms came to pick up her kids earlier today, she noticed the new toy-box in the family room. I told her it had been in the basement toy room, but we had purchased a toy organizer (like this one, but not exactly, and it was at a garage sale in perfect shape!) in its place.

When she asked how the organizer worked for us, I replied, "It keeps everything nicely organized in one compact area--the Barbies, blocks, Legos, My Little Ponies..." when Mikayla interrupted me to say, "No, they OUR Little Ponies, not yours Mommy."

How do you not stare in amazement--and laugh in humor--at a 2-year-old that corrects your pronouns?! Most kids her age don't get them, but she not only gets them but corrects me! Of course, she doesn't understand that they are actually called My Little Ponies. She just cares that I apparently called them mine, when in fact, they are theirs.

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