Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Congrats Kerri & Emi!

We had a super busy weekend, but the highlight of it all was the wedding reception for Kerri & Emi. Kerri is the older sister of my very dear friend, Karla. I have known them both since the 4th grade (I believe) and Karla and I were inseparable for every summer from then through the teen years. Why only the summers? Because they grew up in the Twin Cities, but had a cabin near our home and the resort I worked at. That's where we would spend hours and hours riding together, having sleep-overs, working at the store, swimming, camping, etc. Then Karla and I went to college together, and she met a man and married him and now lives only 2 miles from me! It's crazy, because as younger kids, we always dreamed we'd one day live near one another and raise our kids together, go riding together, etc. Now we do.

Kerri has always been like a surrogate older sister. She was always kind to me, we would all play hours of Peanuts while listening to Simon & Garfunkle, she let Karla and I stay a weekend with her while she was in college--she was like my 2nd older sister. Then she moved to Argentina. Yep, that's pretty far away. She has been there for several years now, coming home here and there for visits and family events. And when she's home, we all get together and have family game nights and dinner. Though now, those families include our own spouses and children.
The only pic I got of Kerri & Emi
And now, Kerri has a spouse as well. She met Emi in Argentina and they will make their home there. But this past weekend, they had a reception here in the states for Kerri's family and friends. It was so great to see her and to finally meet Emi, as well as see their extended family. Even though it rained, it was a beautiful night to celebrate their love and commitment! So, congrats to you both! And here are some pics from that great night...
The girls and Tyler in the bouncehouse

Mikayla wearing my shoes (and me helping her out so she doesn't fall)

And a video of our darling Mikayla, who was dancing away until she noticed I was taking video. Then she cracked her funny face...

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