Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For the past several months, Emily over at Chatting at the Sky has hosted a weekly event called Tuesdays Unwrapped. She encourages people to take notice of the little things and unwrap a moment or event or something that us moms and dads and adults might normally not notice, or take for granted because we're so busy working and cleaning and paying bills. She's decided to take a hiatus for a few weeks, but when I saw this, I knew I wouldn't take a hiatus this week.

After working out yesterday during quiet time, I came down from my shower to see the girls playing Sorry! together. They were laughing quietly and being kind to one another when I wasn't there to "put a show on" for. It was wonderful.

My girls have been experiencing a painful stretch lately. Alayna is just old enough that she's too old to play with the little kids, but still young enough that she sometimes wants to. She lashes out occasionally because she gets frustrated, and then gets angry at herself because she knows better. Lilly is just old enough that she's realizing she doesn't have to do everything her older sister says, so she's starting to break out of the shadow and speak up for herself more. It's made for some crazy, moody, emotional days around here--for them and me.

I'll admit that I could handle most of these issues better than I do. I won't spout off excuses about being tired or overwhelmed. I'll take the blame like a big girl. I've been working hard to take a deep breath before I yell or punish, to try to understand where they are coming from and why they are reacting as they are before I react. But it's hard, and I'm human. I ask God for guidance and advice each night before I go to sleep, and oftentimes during the day as well. I admit to the girls that I'm not perfect, and ask them to do the same.

I think it's been working. They still fight and argue and threaten, but finally, I believe it's starting to sink in. They've been working harder to understand how their actions affect others. They're trying to live in the Golden Rule frame of mind. They are understanding that even though we are family and will always forgive and love one another, that doesn't mean we can take advantage of one another. At least I hope they are. But for now, we seem to have a moment of peace. I like peace.

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Heather Forcey said...

I liked this post! Very sweet. It's those moments when we see them interacting nicely with each other that makes it all worth it.