Monday, August 3, 2009

It's FAIR to say we're exhausted

This past weekend was our county fair. We look forward to the fair every year. Alayna participates in 4H (the other girls will when older) so she had projects to get ready and both she and Lilly had a calf to work with for Little Britches.

We went down on Wednesday afternoon, set up the camper we borrowed from Andy's cousin, settled the animals in the barn and went to enter Alayna's projects. Then we didn't leave. For 5 days. It's great to stay there and it's always fun, but by the end of the fair, we are SO READY to go home. This year, not only was it the normal exhaustion, but our entire club was dealing with head colds and the club we shared the cattle barn with had the flu. Good times. Thankfully, I had help with the girls from my mother-in-law and cousins, and my parents took the little girls for some of the time to give me a break and it was so nice!

So, like every other year, I know you all are begging for pics, right?

Alayna exhibiting her farm model, knit hat and stool she built with Daddy's help
Lilly and her calf, Cupcake
Alayna and her calf, Spot
Lilly & Cupcake

VERY sleepy by mid-afternoon Sunday, with cousin Amanda
Of course, we had to do rides. Mikayla was mimicking her horse
Mikayla's first roller coaster!

We all came home from the fair safe and sound. I got a horrible head-cold and Alayna was sick during the night, but we hope it's all soon gone and we can go about life again. Until next year, sweet fair...


Alicia said...

Alayna did a great job! I'm so impressed! Looks like y'all had a blast!

Heather Forcey said...

Love the pic of the girls sleeping in the hay. Very cute. Looks like you all had a fun but exhausting time!