Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Husband is Hot

I think that Andy is a very good-looking man. He's not a pretty-boy, but has what some people would call "rugged good looks." He's also fit, lean, tall and mine. Since he is mine, I'm inclined to think that about him. Does it make me feel good when other women notice him? Sure. But when teen-aged girls think he's hot? I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Andy and his sister coached their cousin's girls' softball team for a tournament earlier in the summer. The team was girls from 14-17 years old and varying levels of experience playing ball. Well, after the first game it became obvious that some of the girls had a crush on Andy. It was (and still is) so funny. "Coach, can you help with my batting?" "Coach, what did I do wrong out there when I missed the ball?" They hung on his every word like he was an inductee in the softball hall of fame. Since the tournament, we've run into some of the girls and the ones with the crush are still so painfully obvious. They talk, they flirt, they ask Andy's cousin or sister how he's doing, they even called him "hot for an older guy." And I just laugh.

Even funnier yet is that Andy had no clue. We had to point it out to him and even then he was skeptical. Well trust me, as a woman, I know when someone has a crush on my husband and especially with teen-age girls, they haven't quite learned yet to be inconspicuous. They follow him around, flirt, laugh at anything he says, shoot me dirty looks while still being nice to my face. It's quite funny. Quite funny indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean!
Mine is a hottie also.
Even your mom thinks he is.