Monday, May 9, 2011


When we woke up yesterday, we were informed that Sunny had fishhooks stuck to her.  Andy and I were obviously tired and just waking, so we thought we heard Alayna wrong.  Then Lilly came running into our room and said, "Sunny has a huge fish hook on her side!"

Yes, our dog somehow got caught in some fishing lures overnight.  When we looked at her, it was quite a pathetic sight.  Two large rapalla-style lures were stuck to her side near her back leg and a lone treble hook was stuck in her lip.  How?  We have no idea.  Nor do we know where they came from.  If only dogs could talk.

We laid Sunny down in the yard and went at her with a pair of pliers.  Luckily, the smaller lure was only tangled in her hair and stuck on the larger lure.  And of the 3 hooks (actually nine) on the larger lure, only one was stuck through her skin.  Andy was able to cut the hook and since it was just barely piercing the skin with the barb out, he was able to pull it through with no problem.  The hook in her lip, however, was harder to remove.  Only one "hook" of the 3 was poking her, but that one wasn't poking through the skin.  Since the hooks are barbed, you do more damage trying to pull them back out then push them through.  So I was laying across Sunny, petting and talking to her, while Andy tried to force it through her lip as carefully as possible.  Finally, after about 20 mins he was able to poke it through and pull it out. 

Sunny was such a trooper!  She laid so nice and still while we worked on her, never trying to get up or even move.  She only whimpered a little when Andy was working on her lip (I was trying not to cry, too) and when we were done she jumped up and covered us with kisses, like she was thanking us for our help.  I'm sure she was glad to be free!

The hook on the left was in her lip, the center hook of the larger lure was in her side,
and the bottom lure was just tangled with her hair and the other lure
When we came in the house, the girls were all concerned about Sunny and how she was doing.  They ran out to give her hugs and kisses, and tell her not to do that again.  Then Mikayla asked me, "Mommy, why did the fishes attack Sunny in the night?!"  We don't know how or what happened, so maybe she's on to something.  But Lilly had another idea.  "I don't think the fish attacked Sunny, but we should attack them and go fishing!"  Maybe we will.  I just hope these lures don't catch another Dogfish.

*I posted a few times this weekend, so be sure to check them out below!

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