Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy, Where's Jesus?

The other day, I heard about a website that you can play the original Super Mario Brothers on. I loved that game as a kid, but we didn't have a Nintendo. I would play at friends' houses or sometimes we'd rent one from the video store. I loved it. So when I found out I could play on-line, I thought I'd try it out. Of course, the kids wanted to play, too.

Lilly was playing it this afternoon and she hit one of the blocks that a vine pops out of. You climb up the vine and into the clouds, kinda like Jack in the Beanstalk. When Lilly was playing and got into the clouds, she goes, "Mommy, where's Mario's Jesus? He's supposed to be up in heaven!"

Let me tell you, it made this momma proud to hear her ask that question!

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Sarah said...

I'll have to check that out! I never had Nintendo at my house, though of course, all the friends did. Looking back, I'm glad my parents didn't let me have one, because I read a LOT! My brother, who came 9 years later, did get all of that stuff though. I'm over it.