Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Hungry...

The other day, I sat down to write a blog post, and my stomach started growling. "Hmm, why am I hungry? I ate breakfast," I thought to myself. So I started thinking about my morning, trying to figure it all out. Then I realized why I was hungry.

First off, I folded laundry while waiting for the girls to get on the bus. They were watching out the window, while I sorted the clothes and paired the socks. The bus came into view, so I gave out hugs and kisses, wished them a good day, and watched while they walked down the driveway. Then Mikayla and I got ready to eat breakfast. I got us each a bowl and our respective cereal choices, and set them on the table. I went to the drawer and found only one clean spoon. I gave it to Mikayla, poured her milk, and went to get one for myself from the dishwasher.

The dishwasher was clean and next to it, a sink full of dishes that showed our crazy last few days of eat and run. So I unloaded the dishwasher and started to reload. When the sink was empty, I started the washer again and wiped the counter.

Then the phone rang. I went into the living room to answer the phone, and while I talked, I finished folding the laundry from earlier. Then I ran them upstairs and put them in everyone's rooms, to wait for their owners to come home and put them away. While I was at it, I gathered a new load to wash. I checked on Mikayla, who was now done with breakfast and playing ponies, then headed to the basement to start the load. I fished the wet towels out of the washer, started the new load, then asked Mikayla if she wanted to go outside and help me hang the towels on the line.

Outside we went. We hung the towels on the line, the whole time being watched and "talked to" by the animals. I hung up the last towel, then we headed to the barn to water the horses and calves. We visited with them, pet the cats, threw the ball for the dogs and finally the water was full. We headed inside the house.

I fed the dogs, and in doing so tripped over a pair of shoes. So I straightened up the shoes, hung up some jackets in the closet, and gathered the mail that had been brought in yesterday but left on the entryway bench. I brought the mail to the kitchen, where I sorted what was worth it's while and what wasn't. I made a pile for keep and a pile to throw out. I went to throw away the envelopes and papers, and found the garbage bag to be full. I tied the bag, replaced it with a new one, and put the full bag in the garage.

When I came in, Mikayla was asking me to help her turn on the music so she could sing and dance to "Tayer Swiff." I followed her to the family room, where we danced and sang for awhile, before the phone rang again. It was Andy, asking me to find him a note he'd written some information on. I found the note on the coffee table in the living room, next to some other random sheets of paper. I grabbed the note and stuck it to the fridge. I turned and saw the table, with a lonely bowl sitting on it. I put the bowl away after making sure it was clean, not yet realizing why it was there.

Then I wiped the table and did a quick sweep to clean up the cereal Mikayla had dropped. I went down to the family room and watched while Mikayla danced and the computer booted up. I checked my e-mail, went to Facebook and finally came here to post about something completely different than this. Then my stomach growled REALLY loudly.

I hadn't eaten breakfast. I hadn't had anything to eat since the previous night's dinner. I was starving, but really, it was almost lunch time so I wasn't about to eat yet.

Andy wonders why there are days where I get tons done, but not much of anything, if that makes sense. This particular day I didn't have any extra daycare kids, either. Some of those days are like total pin-ball machine marathons. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has days like this?!

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Heather Forcey said...

You are not the only one who has days like this!