Friday, April 24, 2009

What a great afternoon!

Yesterday was Alayna's spring program at school. My friend Karla volunteered to watch the extras for me, so away we went to watch the magic that is elementary school programs. The girls love to watch them and spot Alayna in the crowd of kids!

This year, the program was about physical activity, so it was held in the gymnasium. The kids sang their songs while various students did selected activities like jump rope, hopscotch, pogo sticks and bouncing balls. Alayna was supposed to do the Skippo (a ball on a stick that loops over your foot and you twirl it, jumping over the ball when it comes backaround) but she forot to put her gym shoes on and it wouldn't stay on her foot with her sandals. It was pretty funny and gave us all a good laugh.

After the program, we continued our tradition to stopping at the Dairy Queen. The girls all enjoyed their ice cream, especially Mikayla. When I tried to help her with her by licking the ice cream dripping onto the cone, she yanked it away (almost getting Lilly in the eye) and yelled "Ice cream is all MINE!" Good times.

Mikayla waiting for the program to start

Alayna about to Skippo

Lilly volunteered for a special part!
The crowd was invited to join the chicken dance.
Andy's in the middle in green along with my parents, sister and the girls
Dairy Queen!
Yummy Big Bite
So good!
All clean!

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