Monday, April 6, 2009

Honesty and Innocence

I love the stage where kids can talk but haven't figured out how to lie or fib, yet. I also love their reasoning for things. I just had this conversation with Mikayla:

Me: Mikayla, what are you doing?

Mikayla: Um, going upstairs.

Me: Why are you going upstairs?

Mikayla: My get M&M!

Me: Are you supposed to have an M&M right now?

Mikayla: Um, no...

Me: You don't need a snack, it's almost time to eat. (few seconds of silence, then I hear chair being pushed up to the counter and the rustling of plastic)

Me: Mikayla, what are you doing?

Mikayla: My get licorice! No my get M&M! My eat time!

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Carol said...

So cute! Ha-ha!