Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Total Random-ness

We've had some pretty important and unimportant, but still cool, things happening in our house this last week. So, instead of doing a bunch of posts, here's a run-down of what's been happening...

Lilly learned how to whistle! This video was taken last week and she takes awhile to warm up, but she gets there. Even since then, her warm-up time has decreased considerably and her volume has increased quite a bit, too.

Alayna has learned how to cross her eyes without bringing something closer and closer while focusing on it. This may not seem like a real note-worthy accomplishment, but considering that I'm the queen of eye crossing and making silly faces, it's a pretty big deal in our house. I always joked as a teen that if I was ever in a pageant, my talent would be making stupid faces or belching, so the kids have a lot to live up to!

Mikayla has gone an entire month with only 2 accidents! She is in underwear full time now, only getting a diaper at bedtime (she's staying dry through naps, too). It is just so great to have her telling us when she has to go potty, and not having to change her diapers along with all the daycare diapers!

Marley has had a big week, too! She was just 5 months old on Sunday and that day, we realized that she's now taller than Sunny! Now, we know that Marley will soon leave Sunny in the dust. That's a given. But at only 5 months, she's now taller than our bigger than average Lab. Just a noteworthy thing. Also, we've kept Marley out of her kennel for the last 2 nights now and she's done great! We gate her to the upstairs, so she can only go in the bedrooms, hallway or bathroom, and she's been content to sleep on a blanket on the floor at the end of our bed. Nothing has been chewed, and she hasn't had any accidents (which she hasn't in her kennel in ages, either, but you never know when you give them free range). She's also found a new favorite spot in the morning: she lays in front of the patio doors in the sun and right on top of a heat register.

The horses are finally all getting along, too! Alayna was so excited last night when she got home from school and all 3 horses were within a 15' diameter circle of one another. She had to run from the window to tell me that I was right, and they were all finally getting along. Of course at dinner time, there is still some tension as they all filter into the barn and divvy up the grain, but that will probably always be there. Horses don't like to share food.

Today is Square Root Day! I always liked math and when I heard this on the news, it seemed like a totally cool and geeky little trivia fact. Know why it's Square Root Day? Today's date is 3/3/09...3x3=9. This only happens 8 times a century. And did you know tomorrow is the only day of the year that is also a command? March 4th (March forth!) Thanks to Mr. Peterson back in high school for that little tidbit. I think of him every year on the 4th of March (and incidentally enough, he was my algebra/geometry/calculus teacher).

And last, but certainly not least, especially if you consider that without this last little tidbit, the rest of the stuff I wrote wouldn't be here (except for the previous one, of course)...today is the 12th anniversary of mine and Andy's first date! He had asked me out a few times, but I had just broken up with someone in January and I wanted to be alone for awhile before getting in a relationship. Well, after he asked about 5 times in 3 weeks, I finally gave in. One of the best decisions of my life.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

These are great! I love the crossed eyes. Hooray on the potty too! Fun stuff.