Thursday, March 19, 2009

Puppy Poopy Predicament

Say that 5 times fast, huh?!

Poor Marley is having some issues this week that Andy and I are finding quite comical. See, if you remember back to when we got her, Marley was a late fall baby. So we brought her home the weekend before Thanksgiving and as most of you know, that time of year in WI usually means some snow. Then all winter we have snow. We have snow until well into March, most years. Well, this year is a little different. We've been above 40 for 6 days now, and even into the 60s on a few days. What does that mean? The snow is almost gone...

Marley doesn't know where to go potty!! We let her out and she frantically searches for the tiniest bit of snow she can find, so she can do her business. She hasn't yet realized that she can go potty on the ground. The snow doesn't have to be there, but she's known nothing different.

Now, this will be a great training experience if I can do it. Since she's a bit confused, now is the perfect opportunity for us to train her to go into the horse pasture like Sunny, or at least up against the fence. But the thing is, time is a precious commodity. When I have 4-6 kids in the house, it's hard to stand outside with Marley while she does her thing. As a small puppy, it was quick and easy because she had no bladder control. Now, she can hold it for hours and gets embarrassed if someone sees her going. Ahhh, the joys. Maybe I'll just find an old white sheet and stake it to the ground where we want her going? Hmm....

In other puppy news, Marley can now sit on the couch without getting on the couch. Yup, she just backs her butt up and pops a squat. At night she gets free rein of the house, though she never leaves our bedroom that we know of. She's finally starting to get the hang of Sit and Stay, though it's still touch-and-go. And she's noticeably left Sunny's height and moved up another inch or so. We also had to move out her collar...again.

Marley & Alayna "sitting" on the couch

Marley this morning, relaxin'

Pic taken in the first 2 wks

Comparison shot from last week


Heather Forcey said...

That face is so cute!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

OMG that is hilareous!! I like the sheet idea. Not sure how it would actually turn out but points for creative thinking there. She is just soo pretty! She makes me want a black Dane some day. So neat! Love the sitting on the couch too!