Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sure, we live in Wisconsin

I am always proud to say that I live in Wisconsin and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The weather is great, minus a few days of bitter cold in the winter and a few days of horrible humidity in the summer. The people are awesome. The scenery is beautiful. The dairy is abundant.

That last comment is a very important one to our household! We go through dairy like it's going out of style. I would say that at least a full third of our grocery bill goes to dairy alone--milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, etc. We go through 5-6 gallons of milk a week, and that doesn't include my daycare kids (who bring their own). We eat cheese as snacks or on almost any meal that it could sorta be considered okay to add cheese. We like our dairy products. A lot.

Well, this past week Andy has been working some overtime and not getting home until after 7 pm. The other night, we ran out of milk and I didn't get to the store between daycare and a 4H meeting. Andy said he'd stop, but in his hurry to just get home, he forgot. *gasp* The horror! We went almost 24 hrs without milk in this house and it was like Armageddon was upon us. First, Mikayla wanted cereal for breakfast the next day. I told her she could have it dry or she needed to have oatmeal or toast. After a minor fit, she settled on oatmeal. Lilly, thankfully, was old enough to understand and Alayna said she'd just wait until breakfast at school. Then came lunch time and I gave the girls water in their cups. Mikayla pushed her cup across the table, spilling it of course, and exclaimed that she wanted milk! "No law-ter, Kayla MILK!" She refused to drink the water and didn't drink anything if she couldn't have milk. Then dinner time came and Daddy remembered the milk! Between the 5 of us, we drank over half a gallon just at dinner. It was like we were in withdrawal.

The moral of the story? There isn't one, really. Just remember to never, ever forget the milk!


Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

I totally agree!! We are exactly the same but now that they are older its not so awful. Imagine each time we move or are on trips and we have to figure out how to be sure they get milk in the AM, asap. haha! love it!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...
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Sarah said...

Ooo! Anytime you want to send a care package with Wisconsin cheese curds to a girl in California, you just let me know!! I HAVE to have them every time I come back :)

Anonymous said...

So true!! Growing up in your Gramma & Grampa C's house, it seemed like every trip into town involved a checking the "stock" on the BIG 3- MILK- BREAD- TOILET PAPER!

Auntie Di

Heather Forcey said...

We drink lots of milk too. I buy it in 4-gallon installments at the store. Hudson is still on whole milk. I can't wait until he is drinking the same milk as the rest of us so I only have to buy yellow-capped milk! Your story made me smile.