Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes

So living in a house full of little girls is always interesting. There's usually toy horses or barbies or dress-up clothes to be found in each and every room-the bathroom, the kitchen, our bedroom-they are everywhere. It's almost like the toy room got sick and vomited little girl toys all over the house. This morning, for instance, I stepped on a high-heeled Barbie shoe and I almost let out a not-so-Mommy-like word in front of Lilly. It hurt. She looked at me with wide eyes and goes, "Hmmm, guess I can put that away." Hmmm, maybe. She knows the rule and knows that she's supposed to pick up her toys. She also knows that if Mommy or Daddy have to tell her numerous times, that toy becomes ours. And that's not fun.

There are also other fun things about having all girls, or small kids in general. I was getting out of the shower this morning and Lilly walked in to go potty. As I was thinking that I can never have more than 2 mins alone in the bathroom, she looked at me toweling off and says, "Mommy, you better cover those things up!" and pointed right at my chest. Sure, thanks for the advice. I'll remember that. And she'd better, too, especially when she's about 17.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Haha too funny! Barbie shoes are something my kids would think is alien. Guess we've got the opposite problem with legos and hot wheels and socks! What is with boys and socks!! Conversely they think being clothed is odd. They could use a lesson from Lilly! ;)