Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl Baby!!

As you know, I am a HUGE Packers fan.  I love football in general, but the Packers have always been my favorite team.  We all have our shirts and hats and Mikayla even has a pair of Packer socks.  And now, they're going to the Super Bowl!!

My favorite player ever for the Packers was Gilbert Brown.  He was a big beast of a guy who would pretend to be a "Gravedigger" when he'd make an important tackle or sacked the QB.  He's been retired for several years now, but he still does appearances for the team.  I had my jersey Brown jersey on, cheering for the team, when BJ Raji intercepted the ball and then ran it back for a touchdown.  He did a little dance afterwards and let me tell you...he moved up a little closer to Gilbert in my heart.  I love the big guys when it comes to football and Raji's little dance reminded me of Gilbert so much!

So what will you be doing on Feb 6th?  I'll be cheering on MY PACKERS in the SUPER BOWL!!!!!


Mary Jo said...

I am just delurking to say that I am also rooting for the packers not neccesarily because I am a Packers fan but because I went to high school with Aaron Rodgers so I have to show some home town pride!!

Sarah said...

I'm a Vikings fan, but I'll be cheering for the Pack right along with you! My husband might divorce me, but you know what, they are the local team, and I like Rodgers!